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Summit's Scan-To-Plan™ Services

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning to support design activities are well established, but Summit Engineering also provides Scan-To-Plan™ services to improve project planning. Whether you are planning the next turnaround for a process plant or shipyard time for a ship, your planning activities can be enhanced by the highly detailed data available from 3D laser scanning. Scan data can help clarify scope definition, improve scheduling for resources such as scaffolding, reduce the hours required on site for planning activities such as scope definition, ship checks, equipment move-in or move-out planning, scaffolding management, demolition planning, as-builts, etc.

Using Kohera3D laser scanning software, scan data can be isolated into separate systems to aid in clarity, visualization, and reduced load in CAD systems.

The laser scan data is then already available to provide details for the design phase. Depending on the project, a second round of scanning may be indicated. In the Scan-To-Plan™ phase, scans are taken of the area in general, providing broad coverage of your facility, unit, compartment, or system. As you move into the design phase, we evaluate scan coverage with the designers and determine whether additional scanning is needed to provide additional detail in design-critical areas or whether the planning-phase scans are sufficient. We always strive to provide services that are fit for purpose, making the most efficient use of time and scan data to accomplish your project goals.