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Summit's Key Staff

Daryl Johnson, P.E. Chemical Engineer

Engineering Manager, Summit Engineering and Design, LLC

Daryl Johnson has 30 plus years of management, engineering and design experience in the refining industry and six years in the integrated chip industry. Daryl established Summit Engineering and Design, LLC in 1998 with the goal to provide great value to our client's with a service oriented "fit for purpose" approach to engineering and design. He was first introduced to 3D laser scanning back in 2000 and Summit's investment in 3D Laser Scanning has been driven by the belief that this technology, used properly, provides exceptional value to our clients. Daryl is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington State.

Paula Meckel, Sr. Process Engineer

Paula Meckel has 30 plus years of process design experience in the oil refining industry. She is a highly experienced, lead process engineer working in all phases from conceptual design through unit startup. She has provided process support for: Troubleshooting, Front-End-Loading (FEL), Licensor selection, Process Simualtion (Hysys), detailed design, operator training, and unit commissioning and startup. Paula is a highly sought after process engineer for small maintenance projects and large refinery capital projects (up to $250 million). She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

Norm Johnson, P.E. Chemical Engineer

Norm began his engineering career in the Pulp & Paper industry, moving to IBM after obtaining a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. With an interest in computing and 3D CAD, he joined the alliance team of IBM, Boeing, and Dassault Systemes whose goal was to improve the capabilities of CATIA, a high-end 3D CAD modeling program. He also developed the Rope Editor Plus plug-in for Lightwave 3D Modeler®. Since joining Summit's Laser Scan team, Norm has developed several key specialized scan data processing techniques that have greatly enhanced the cost effectiveness of applying scan data to engineering design packages. Norm is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington State.

James Michael, P.E. Mechanical Engineer

James (Jim) Michael, P.E. has 30 plus years of extensive project development and management experience in the power and process industry. He has taken waste-to-energy plants, as well as co-gen facilities, from concept to commercial production. Jim has been the engineer of record for multiple power plant upgrades for the US Government and military bases. Jim has also been involved in the development of proprietary process equipment utilized to increase facility capacity, while accomplishing emission reductions. Jim is a registered Professional Engineer in Alaska and Washington State.

Tim Duryee, Sr. Control Systems Programmer

Tim Duryee has 15 plus years experience programming and troubleshooting PLCs, Operator Interfaces, and communications. He has worked primarily in Oil Refining, Wood Products, and Water/Wastewater, and has extensive experience taking projects from beginning through commissioning, troubleshooting, and completion, as well as taking over struggling projects. Tim has worked with Allen Bradley, Siemens, APACS/QUADLOG, TI, GE, Wonderware, Automation Direct, Prosoft, and many more hardware and software makes.

Ward Succo, P.E. Chemical Engineer

Ward Succo is semi-retired, available for the occasional interesting and short term assignment. He has 30 plus years experience in the Oil Refining, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical and Integrated Chip Industries. Ward's responsibilities have included project management, process engineering, and construction support on projects ranging up to $50 million. Ward is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington State.