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"We haven't the money
so we've got to think."
-Ernest Lord Rutherford (1871-1937)

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Laser Scanning: A "Fit for Purpose" Approach

Laser scanning has come a long way in recent years, and our process takes it even further. Let us show you how laser scanning can provide all the measurements you need for your design and more:

Scanning for Your Industry

One of Summit's Photon 120 scanners on-site.
Summit has experience in 3D laser scanning for several industries, including marine, refinery, power, and process plants. Click the links below to see some examples, or see our videos for more examples.
Summit's Laser Scanning History
Summit Receives the USA's First FARO Focus3D
Railroad Trestle Scans
Salmon Habitat Enhancement


Scan areas or facilities to provide measurements and visualization for project planning. Read more about Scan-to-Plan™ services here.
Seen an example of how we used scan data during planning for a previous job:Animation of a demolition sequence

Scan to Design

Scan project scope for detailed measurement and inspection. After scanning, the systems of interest are isolated using Summit's Scan to Design workflow. Background and routing information remains available to designers. Our workflow produces excellent data for as-builts, demolition planning, and replace in kind modeling, among other uses. For more details, see Summit's Scan to Design Process.

Integrated Scanning and Design Service

Let us show you how efficient Scan to Design workflow can be!