Our History

Summit Engineering and Design, LLC was started in 1998, and offers multi-discipline engineering and design services to the marine, refinery, power, and process industries.

In 2006, while working with laser scanning, we saw it as a very useful tool in the engineering and design fields, and began to provide Scan to Plan™ laser scanning services. Through our experience we saw a need for additional tools to work within the CAD environment and began development of software under the Kohera3D brand. We continue this development so with the use of our software we can work with our clients specific needs and also better solve problems that can arise in utilizing this technology.

Our staff consists of highly experienced and skilled designers, programmers and engineers, including multiple licensed Professional Engineers.


Our Philosophy

Summit’s goal is to provide “Fit for Purpose” services leading to projects of great value.


We haven’t the money so we’ve got to think
– Ernest Lord Rutherford (1871-1937)


Engineering is the art of doing with one dollar, what any bungler can do with two, after a fashion
– Arthur Mellen Wellington (1847-1895)