Scan To Mesh

Scan data can be converted into a mesh to represent a small item such as a valve, or larger items such as equipment and complex systems. Meshes can greatly reduce the time one would typically spend modeling these items in CAD.

When existing items are necessary, yet detailed line work is not, meshing is a time and money saving alternative compared to creating traditional CAD models.

1. Equipment scanned and isolated from it’s surroundings.

2. Equipment converted into a mesh. Piping tie-in components with snap-to-points are added to the mesh.

3. Equipment mesh is set in place. Piping is routed and connected to the mesh tie-ins.

Scan data of a ship’s shaker room. Equipment models and piping have yet to be modeled in CAD based Piping or Plant software.

Equipment and manifold are meshed from scan data saving several hours one might otherwise spend on modeling. Tie-ins are added to our mesh models. Designer routes pipe and connects to these tie-ins.