Marine Industry Laser Scanning

Laser scanning for BC Ferries. Create curves that follow the contour of the ship’s hull, stern, and bulbous bow.

Hull curves created from 3D laser scans.

Point cloud, hull curves, and ship model including the bulbous bow.

Laser scanning Boss Lady charter boat. Create as-built model of machinery room structure, stiffeners, bulk heads, and hull surfaces.

Rudder landing tubes and machinery room structure.

Pilot house, decks, and stiffeners.

Laser scan ship’s cement room. Generate a mesh model from 3D laser scans. Include tie-ins with snap to points for modeling new pipe design.

Registered 3D laser scans that create a single point cloud model.

Existing pipe in the point cloud is converted to a mesh model (red) with included tie-in (yellow). New pipe (magenta) connected to tie in.

Scan and measure thruster and propeller hub center lines. Compare measurements of spare thruster with installed thruster currently in use.

Current thruster installed and in use.
Spare thruster isolated scan data.

Spare thruster model with center lines.

Ship structure and hull surfaces are modeled using 3D laser scan data and Rhino3D®