Architectural Laser Scanning

Using scan data inside Revit Architecture.

Scan data isolated into individual layers as .rcs (ReCap) files. Here the scan data walls are green and the skylights are red. All other scan data has been temporarily turned off. The walls and skylights have not been modeled.

With surrounding scan data hidden from view, the designer can work in an unobstructed view. Easily trace over the scan data to model the walls and also place the skylights in there as-built locations.

Each item (or category) in the scan data such as walls, doors, and beams is assigned it’s own layer and color. This allows the designer to turn scan items on/off as needed.

Turning the assigned scan data layers on/off one at time, we proceed with modeling each item (or category) to complete an as-built architectural model of this building.

In 2014 we worked on the historic Granary building in Bellingham,  WA. Although Revit has moved from .pcp files to using ReCap files, the scan data process is still the same.  Watch how we create an as-built model with floor plans using scan data inside of Revit.

This was a charitable project we did for the local Lighthouse Mission. They needed to add an elevator for disabled veterans. Again using only scan data we created a Revit model with the necessary dimensions and floor plans.