Scan-To-Plan™ Services

Summit Engineering provides Scan-To-Plan™ services to improve your project planning. Planning the next turnaround for a process plant or shipyard time for a ship? Your planning activities can be enhanced by the highly detailed data available from 3D laser scanning. Scan data clarifies scope definition, improves scheduling, and reduces hours required on site for planning activities such as scope definition, ship checks, equipment moves, and demolition planning.

High Detail Laser Scanning
We use Faro® laser scanners, including the Faro® Focus 3D and Faro® X330 scanners for their performance, accuracy and detail.

Isolation and Classification
Items captured in the scan data can be isolated into individual layers.  This includes walls, floors, equipment, and piping systems. Our isolations provide our customers with a “smart” point cloud where layered items can be turned on/off and viewed separately from surrounding scan data. See our page on Isolation and Classification.

Clash Detection
Have us place your models into a scanned 3D environment of existing surroundings. We’ll detect clashes in your design and reduce costly unexpected rework. Our process involves following each new pipe or mechanical system and manually inspecting each area for clashes. When a clash has been found we’ll provide you a screen shot of the clash and a spread sheet that includes the XYZ coordinates and a description of the clash. See our page on Clash Detection.

Demolition Planning
We can remove items for demolition scope from the scan data. This gives you a clean, unobstructed area area for your new design.  Animation of a Demolition Sequence.