Kohera3D – Laser Scanning Software

Kohera3D Laser Scanning Solutions was born out of the need for Summit Engineering and Design to have immediate, practical solutions to the barriers that limited the effective use of the extremely powerful technology of 3D laser scanning. In 2015  Kohera3D Piping, a cost effective feature extraction program that efficiently fits piping components to 3D laser scan data was released to the public.

1. Using Kohera3D Piping we pick a point in the scan data to begin fitting cylinders to pipe captured by our laser scanner.

2. We finish fitting our pipe center lines, valve placement, and elbows to the four pipe lines in our scope of work.

3. Now in a third party piping program (in this case we’re using Plant3D) we import the pipe centerlines (pipe routing polylines) we created in Kohera3D Piping, and an area selection of scan data which we also exported from Kohera3D Piping.

4. Still in third party piping software, we model the “as-built” piping using the pipe routing polylines we created in our 3D scan data environment using Kohera3D Piping. Pipe routing polylines include pipe diameters, as well as elbow and valve placement.

Some features of Kohera3D Piping:

  • A stand alone program that does not require a CAD program license to fit piping systems.
  • Create projects from registered scan data, including E57, PTX, and FARO scan files.
  • Fit cylinders to scan data by selecting one of more seed points along a pipe.
  • Add fittings to pipe sections such as elbows, tees and valves.
  • Perform enhanced scan filtering of mixed-pixels.
  • Export key model data for import into CAD piping design programs.
  • More features not listed here.

For product information, pricing, and video tutorials visit Kohera3D Laser Scanning Solutions.