Laser Scanning –  Isolation and Classification

In a registered group of laser scans (known as a point cloud) it can be quite difficult to distinguish items apart from it’s neighbors. We often refer to this common point cloud as the “blob”. Here at Summit Engineering, we can take your “blob” of scan data and turn it into “smart” scan data.

We do this by isolating or classifying items captured by the scanner. Each item can have it’s own identifying color and layer. This provides the engineer or designer the ability to turn on/off the isolated items and view only what is necessary. Any item captured by the scanner can be isolated.


Quick fly through of an Isolated Fwd Pump Room . (duration 15 seconds)

Quick fly over of an Isolated Fwd Pump Room. (duration 10 seconds)



Turning this vessel’s machine room into a “SMART” point cloud.

The scan data “BLOB”.

Pipe lines isolated into individual layers creating a “SMART” point cloud.

Items of interest are turned on. Everything else is turned off and hidden from view.