Video Gallery

Summit Engineering and Design, LLC takes 3D Laser Scanning to the next level. See the following videos for examples of how we use 3D laser scanning and our distinctive software to:

  • Visualize systems within the point cloud model
  • Effectively design directly in the point cloud model
  • Streamline the review and approval process
  • Create accurate models for pre-fabrication

3D Laser Scanning applied to retrofit MEP Seismic Restraints

See our related article from Structure Magazine (June 2012): Applying 3D Laser Scanning to MEP Seismic Restraint Retrofits

Faro Focus3D Laser Scanning for MEP Seismic Upgrades

In this video, we look at the process required to assess the MEP system and introduce how 3D laser scanning is used to perform this task in a more manageable and cost effective manner with the added benefit of providing as-built information of the owner’s facility.

3D Laser scanning for marine applications, high pressure mud piping example

3D laser scan and design model of high pressure mud system replacement on offshore drilling rig.

3D Deepwater Explorer Piping Systems – Laser Scan Isolations

An example of using segmented 3D laser scan data of shipboard piping systems for visualization, as-built information, modeling of replacements and upgrades, clash detection, etc.

3D Laser Scanning – Customize Piping Sytems – Isolated Point Cloud Data

Deepwater Explorer’s engine room is laser scanned with point clouds registered, isolated and piping systems then modeled and customized.

Point cloud isolation and classification of the dry dock Endeavor

Here Summit Engineering takes laser scan data, Isolates or dissects the point cloud data and builds modeled data from its separated cloud points.

Ship Hull – Rhino3D and Point Cloud Data

Modeled ship hull using Rhino 3D and segmented point cloud data. The segmented point clouds and 3D CAD models are brought together inside Navisworks.

3D laser scan of Cessna 172 and hangar

Video showing Summit Engineering and Design’s Point Cloud Isolations.

Bellingham Granary Revit As-Built using Laser Scans and Point Cloud Isolations

Revit As-Built of the local Bellingham Granary. The model, floor plans, and elevations were created using Revit Architecture, laser scan data, and point cloud isolations.

3D Laser Scan of Damaged Gulfstream G4 Located in Tahiti

This example demonstrates the use of isolated scan data to view different parts of the plane more easily by selectively hiding other parts. Using this process on the wing elements made it possible to virtually break the wing down to its minimum shipping dimensions and confirm it could be transported in the available cargo plane.

3D Laser Scan Ferry Terminal using FARO Focus3D

Laser scan data of ferry dock facility showing isolated pointcloud data. We can fly through and inspect the full data or, using Summit’s proprietary techniques, limit your view to items of interest.